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Overview of Programs and Curriculum

Your child’s bright future starts with early education.

From curriculum to teachers, our approach to early education inspires a love of learning. Whether they’re building a skyscraper, cooking an imaginary feast, or healing a teddy bear’s runny nose, your child will build confidence for life having fun with friends their age in our safe and supportive classrooms. They’ll find teachers who believe in them and give them the freedom to be themselves, try something new, and make new friends.

Health and safety have always been our top priority because knowing your child is safe means you can feel sound. Learn more about how we’re putting safety first to protect our families and staff.

Our classrooms are warm and welcoming!

Whether you’ve been part of our community before, or are new to the KinderCare family, we’re ready to welcome your child into the classroom. Our curriculum focuses on early academics, physical activity, and social emotional learning to nurture healthy bodies, happy hearts, and growing minds. We regularly assess your child’s progress with key developmental milestones so we can build a learning plan just for them—and continue the conversation with you after the bell.


Early childhood is the best time to learn!

Right now, your child’s brain is growing faster than it ever will in their whole life, making amazing connections every second. That’s why every learning moment counts! Our classrooms are designed around your child’s unique needs, and our curriculum is built from the latest research in early childhood development to help little minds grow. 

The importance of accreditation

Our centers aren’t just licensed—they’re accredited, too! Accreditation means that a nationally recognized outside agency validates everything we do. You can read more about accreditation here.

Making the journey a better one

The longer a child stays at KinderCare, the better they perform. We know because we regularly measure our students’ educational progress through assessments. You can read more about our assessments here.

Our classrooms for babies to kindergarteners

Our classrooms are a pretty special place to be. You’re bound to notice all sorts of activity and fun around every corner. That’s what happens when you give kids the freedom to play, learn, and explore.

KinderCare Learning Adventures

Our centers also offer these Learning Adventures programs

Learning Adventures are optional enrichment programs in a small group setting that reinforce classroom learning. Learn more about these programs here.

Music Innovators (2-4 years)

Kids learn to sing, move, listen, play instruments, and even create their own tunes!

Phonics Adventures (2-4 years)

Kids learn all about letters and sounds in small group lessons tailored just for their age.

Cooking Academy (3-12 years)

Kids learn new recipes from cultures around the world and develop a healthy relationship with food while building STEM and communication skills.

STEM Innovators (3-8 years)

Kids learn STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills to get them ready for the future—and have tons of fun—with topics like robotics, chemistry, coding, weather, computers, geology, and global citizenship.

KinderCare Learning Adventures

School-age programs for K–6th grade

You can count on us to provide safe, reliable care for your school-age kiddo while you’re at work. Whether they need before- and after-care or school break solutions, we’ve got programs to meet your family’s needs. 

If your child wants to start a drama club, build a volcano, or create a comic book, they’ll have a place to follow their dreams. With games, STEM projects, creative arts, optional homework help, and plenty of playtime indoors and outdoors, your child will start and end the day with a whole lot of fun!  

Contact a center director today to find out more about why KinderCare is the right fit for your family.

Teachers that care about your child’s growth

We’re more than a learning center. We’re America’s biggest family. When you have to go to work, our amazing teachers and staff are here to take the next shift.

Our center directors

Our center directors lead our team of teachers and keep everything running smoothly. Consider them your one-stop shop to answer your questions and get the support you need—at pick-up, drop-off, or any time. Always feel free to give them a call or stop by!

Welcome to KinderCare
Welcome to KinderCare
KinderCare Learning

Engagement surveys

We conduct regular surveys to make sure our teachers are engaged at work. Listening to our teachers is one of the most important things we do, because when our teachers are happy, our families are, too!


Teacher qualifications

Not just anyone can be a teacher. We only choose natural-born leaders who have that special something it takes to work with kids, using a special hiring method developed just for us by Gallup.


Professional development

Our teachers participate in regular professional development opportunities so they can learn the latest in early childhood education and give your child the very best care every day.