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More than daycare

You want to do what’s best for your child by giving them a strong start in their early education. You’re in the right place! 
We’re the experts in educating and caring for children and families. So, if you’re looking for the best place for your child to learn and grow (when you can’t be there), there is no better choice than KinderCare! 
Read on to learn more about why KinderCare is more than just daycare and get to know more about our qualified staff; safe, reliable child care centers; and proven programs. 
teacher with infants
teacher with infants



Here’s How
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hands sharing

Health and Safety

You can breathe easier knowing your child is in a squeaky-clean environment with proven protocols protecting them.

  • A team of pediatric emergency physicians advise us on all the things we do to keep your entire family—and our staff—safer from germs, infections, and even natural disasters.

  • A commitment to nurturing, inspiring, and delighting the children in your care. Look for the WELL Health-Safety Rating™ seal on our center doors—it’s expert validation of our clean and healthy spaces!

Convenience and Flexibility 

Your child care provider is only as helpful as it is convenient! Since our centers are located nationwide, chances are there’s a KinderCare right in your neighborhood or close by.

  • We’re ready to welcome your child early in the morning, and we extend past most other daycares’ hours to make drop-off and pick-up times fit with your schedule.

  • Full- and part-time scheduling is an option at most locations*, and our KinderCare App keeps you connected to your little one’s experience all day long. 

*Flexible scheduling options are based on location and availability. Talk with the center director at your preferred location for more details.

Talent and Trust

Who brings (big) heart and soul into our programs every day? Our teachers! They’re experts at caring for kids and leading your child’s learning journey. Don’t be surprised if they start to feel like family. 

  • We hire people who love and understand children and are eager to be your partner in parenting.
  • Your kiddo will benefit from our whole-child curriculum (Early Foundations®) that’s built by our in-house team of education masterminds who continually build and refine it to meet the needs of young minds. 

Classrooms and Learning

Step into our classrooms to see (and feel) the buzz of learning in motion! No matter how small your child is, or how big their imagination, they’ll be busy all day with age- and stage-appropriate classrooms and activities that grow their academic, physical, and social-emotional development.

kids playing in classroom
kids playing in classroom
bottle illustration

Infants and Toddlers (ages 0-2)

  • Small class sizes allow your child’s teacher to nurture them all day long. 

  • Classrooms are designed for little learners and early readers.

  • Group time helps even the youngest kids build social skills. 
ABC illustration

Preschoolers and Prekindergarteners (ages 2-5)

  • Our whole-child curriculum is designed to help your child grow from the inside out with a focus on social, academic, and physical skills.
  • Different learning areas around the room let kids explore budding passions through play: STEM, literacy, art, drama ... and more.
  • We’ll prep your child for the next step in their learning journey: elementary school! 
School house illustration

School-Age Kids (ages 5-12)

  • Before- and after-school, no-school days, and seasonal breaks are covered here for K-6th graders, and full-day kindergarten is available in some locations. 

  • Small class sizes give your child their teachers’ full attention. 

  • Project-based learning develops collaboration and communication skills. 

Learning Adventures™ Enrichment Classes (ages 2-12) 

  • Your child can join these optional, small group classes during their day with us to focus on a favorite topic or to help make up for lost learning time.
  • Learning Adventures take place in your center, and each topic reinforces skills children are already developing through our curriculum, so they get a boost for “big kid school” (and everything that comes after).
  • Class options include: Phonics Adventures®, Music Explorers™, Cooking Academy™, and Learning Adventures STEM Innovators™. 

Social and Academic Skills 

Will your child be ready for elementary school? Stick with us and the answer is: YES! We conduct annual assessments that year after year show our students—even babies—make better-than-expected developmental gains here. 

  • On average, KinderCare kindergartners score nearly two months ahead of national expectations.
  • Assessments give you (and our teachers) insight into how your child is doing in all areas of their development, from language and math to gross- and fine-motor skill, in addition to social-emotional skills.

Make parenting easier with KinderCare Hacks!

Don’t you wish you had a cheat sheet for how to parent like a pro (or at least have more fun while you try)? KinderCare Hacks are just that: Tips and tricks you’ll love from teachers and families in our community!

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