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It’s more than daycare—
it’s KinderCare!

The first five years of your child’s life are a crucial window of opportunity. Within those formative years, their cognitive, social, physical, and emotional development will set the path for their life’s journey.
We’re here to make sure that journey is as rich and rewarding as possible! To make good on that promise, we participate in annual assessments from TerraNova®, BRIGANCE®, and Ages & Stages Questionnaires® to help us track and celebrate your child’s milestones with you.*  
The moment your child arrives in our classrooms, it’s time to thrive! From outdoor time, to reading time, to snack time, everything they’ll do reflects our research-based curriculum that builds a strong foundation for kindergarten readiness and beyond.   
“My daughter’s kindergarten teacher is so impressed with how well she's transitioning to elementary school after five years at KinderCare. In fact, she told us that Marianna already has impressive academic skills and is making friends easily. She also said Marianna ‘exudes confidence,’ and is ‘eager to participate in class.’ Hearing this from her new teacher made us feel great about our choice to send Marianna to KinderCare from the start!”  — Jamie, KinderCare parent 

Our assessments help us look at all kinds of skills, from language and math to gross and fine motor, and even social-emotional. Assessments also help our teachers see exactly where kids shine and where they need a little (or a big) boost.  
Every child learns at their own pace and in their own unique way. But wherever your child goes from here, they’ll be ready to think bigger, feel stronger, and aim higher. 

How assessments directly impact your child’s future success

Because we take your child’s educational journey seriously, we make it a regular practice to conduct developmental assessments.  

Assessments look at all kinds of skills—including literacy, numeracy, motor skills, independence, emotional expression, and more. And what we see is encouraging! Our students continue to excel in the classroom and in their social relationships. This is great news for their noggins and their (educational) foundation. 

Here's how the results played out this past year. 

forming foundations

Exceeding Expectations

Advancing Academics

Cultivating Confidence

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"BRIGANCE is a wonderful tool to have as a teacher. Screening students early in the school year helps me organize areas of focus for each child in my class. I believe it helps families better understand their child’s development. Anytime I can chat with a family about their child’s development, I’m thrilled, and assessments help facilitate that.”  — Holly, KinderCare teacher 

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Assessments benefit the whole child. 

Year after year, our findings show that the sooner children join us, and the longer they stay, the better prepared they are for elementary school overall. 

Here’s how we do it:  
  • More Than Daycare
    Attention to detail starts on day one. With expert-designed classrooms by age, STEM learning, small-group enrichment classes, and more, inspired learning is happening around every corner. 
  • Age-Specific Programs
    Our classrooms are designed to stretch young minds—from babies to preschoolers—and inspire a love of learning.  
  • A Whole-Child Approach
    Our Early Foundations curriculum covers all the skills your little one needs to win at school and in life—including social-emotional skills, language and literacy, executive function, and more! 
  • Teachers Who Care
    In every classroom, we put together teams of teachers who are proud to be there. From helping kids learn their letters to fixing their owies, our teachers are top-notch, qualified professionals. 

Make assessments a must!

Ask the child care providers you’re considering to share any data they have showing how their students are well prepared for kindergarten. If they don’t have any, find a provider who does! (Reminder: We are one of the ONLY child care providers with research-based data showing how children are developing compared to their peers.)   
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Check out Your Guide to Assessments to dive deeper into the details about this educational tool.
*BRIGANCE® results are based on assessments of 17,705 students ages six weeks to six years old in 367 KinderCare Learning Companies centers and sites from our KinderCare Learning Centers, KinderCare Education at Work Centers, and Champions brands nationwide from fall 2021 to spring 2022. TerraNova® results are based on spring 2022 assessments of 634 students in private kindergarten classrooms in 84 KinderCare Learning Centers and KinderCare Education at Work Centers nationwide.  
**TerraNova is used for every KinderCare program that has a private kindergarten. BRIGANCE is currently used in select centers, and we are working toward bringing it to all centers in the future. 
***ASQ (Ages & Stages Questionnaires) assessments are administered in the child’s home by their parent or guardian. We utilize ASQ as part of the screening process in select centers.