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Teaching is a work of heart.

Step into one of our classrooms to see passion in action! Whether they’re cuddling our smallest students or giving big kids room to explore, our teachers know what makes kids tick and learning stick. And our teachers are not only here for the kids—they’re here for you too.

teacher with student
teacher with student

Our teachers will up your trust factor.

Worried about leaving your little one with someone new? Understandable. Just remember, we don’t hire just anyone for this job—because earning your trust is our priority. We carefully select educators  who are talented and trustworthy, and absolutely love being with kids. 

teacher with infant
  • State and national background checks
  • Gallup Talent Assessment 
  • Health and safety training
  • Early Foundations ® curriculum experts
  • Positive Child Guidance techniques
  • Center has earned or is earning accreditation by NAEYC and/or NAC
  • Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award (7 years running!)
teacher with infant

We hire professional kid magnets.

Whether your child is joining us as a baby, a kindergartener, or anywhere in between, their brains are wired for learning. And our teachers have a magical way of unlocking curiosity (and giggles) so a world of learning can unfold. 

teacher with baby

Learning here is like no place else.

These early years are the best time to set a strong foundation for your child’s future education in all subjects including STEM, language, and social skills. Our teachers are experts at engaging every child at their own pace (which bolsters their self-esteem) and making learning an absolute blast!

We tailor our teaching to your child.

Our robust curriculum (Early Foundations®) is created by our own in-house education team. It provides everything teachers need for their daily lessons—and gives them the freedom to add their own creative touches. This is one way we create a consistent learning experience while meeting the needs of every child.  

teacher with baby

Teachers love learning too!

Our teaching philosophy is simple: When our educators are confident, everyone benefits. That’s why we help our staff earn education degrees or certifications if they choose   and provide multiple opportunities a year for teachers to be learners! Quarterly Trainings and two annual Professional Development Days help teachers strengthen their skills and knowledge of best practices in early childhood education, and empower them to create meaningful learning experiences for your child. And since recognizing our educators is part of the culture here—every year we award and celebrate those making an exceptional impact. 

teacher with kid
teacher with kid

We’re your parenting partners.

They say “it takes a village” for a reason: Raising a child is hard work. We hope you’ll come to us whenever you need support–—we’re here for you every step of the way.

The connection you have with your child care community is so important to us that we do family check-ins (we call them Gallup Family Engagement Surveys) throughout the year. They’re your opportunity to give feedback that can help us improve your experience.

teacher with toddler
teacher with toddler

Our trick to hiring (and keeping) the best of the bunch.

We aim to bring your family the best and brightest teachers. To make sure our teachers have the skills and talents they need to lead, nurture, and teach your little learner, we partner with advisors and consultants at Gallup.

teacher with kids
  • During the hiring process, every teacher participates in our Gallup Talent Assessment. It’s our way of going the extra mile to make sure we’re hiring the right folks for our programs.

  • Families are invited to complete regular Gallup Family Engagement Surveys to tell us how we’re doing, and how we can improve your entire family’s experience with us.

  • Our team completes a Gallup Employee Engagement Survey every year. It’s our opportunity to listen to each other and understand what makes a great employee experience. 
teacher with kids


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“I tell people, this isn’t what I do, it’s an extension of who I am.”

- Mary, KinderCare Teacher

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“I have three children at KinderCare, who have been here since they were each 8 weeks old. They’re now 6 months old to 6 years old. From the very beginning, the staff made me feel comfortable leaving my little ones at such a young age. You can truly see how affectionate and caring the teachers are with their students. [Our children’s teachers] have done a fantastic job of preparing them for kindergarten.”

- Elizabeth, KinderCare Parent

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"I love that there are plenty of opportunities for advancement. My director is providing me with the resources and certifications I need to excel and grow in my career.”

- Megan, KinderCare Assistant Teacher