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KCE Legacy Award Winning teacher with students

KinderCare Education Legacy Awards

Legacy Awards

At KinderCare Education, we believe that great teachers deserve the highest accolades for the passion, talent, and dedication they bring to the classroom every day.

That’s why we created the KinderCare Education Legacy Award. This award reflects our belief that great teachers truly do leave a legacy for the children they care for. Each year, our very best early childhood and school-age educators are named KinderCare Education Legacy Award Winners. Regional winners receive a cash prize of $5,000 while national winners receive  $10,000 and an all-expense paid trip to the National Support Center in Portland, Oregon. To date, 65 teachers have earned the award, and we are committed to growing that list each year.

All of our KinderCare Education Legacy Award Winners are masterful teachers who have an extraordinary ability to connect and communicate with children and families. Every single one of these educators brings a heartfelt passion and sense of purpose to their classrooms. These educators are real superheroes, role models, and mentors within the communities in which they teach.  Their passion inspires children to become curious learners for life—and that’s what our legacy is all about.


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