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KinderCare Kindergarten

(5-6 years old)

Their futures are looking bright! With us, they’ll be more than prepared for school.

Welcome to kindergarten: the gateway to grade school and everything that comes next! Offered in select centers, our kindergarten programs have small class sizes and curriculums that mix learning and fun. 

At KinderCare, we put safety first to protect our families and staff. Visit our health and safety page to learn more

Everyone belongs in our circle

We build warm, welcoming, and supportive classrooms for children of all abilities, backgrounds, and experiences.

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About KinderCare kindergarten

In select centers, we offer transitional kindergarten for kids who missed the cutoff date and full-day kindergarten for kids who are ready for the next big step.

Your kindergartener’s classroom will follow a daily rhythm, including group activities, time to play outside, and more!


Transitional Kindergarten

If your child finished pre-K but missed the kindergarten cutoff date, transitional kindergarten is a great stepping stone to big-kid school. Our project-based learning emphasizes critical thinking, communication, and creativity. Kids take lead roles on projects and complete them in small groups.


In some of our centers, we offer full-day kindergarten programs. Our kindergarten classrooms provide an academically rich curriculum, before- and after-school care, and family-teacher conferences that help make sure your child is super-duper ready for first grade and beyond.


Explore the kindergarten classroom

Take a look at how we set up our classroom for kindergartners. It’s organized for their age and stage of learning and development.


Individual attention

Both of our kindergarten programs offer small class sizes. This helps teachers adapt to each child’s learning style and keep track of their progress with regular assessments and family-teacher conferences.

Academic curriculum

The basic building blocks of reading, writing, math, and science are key in kindergarten, so we make sure they get lots of practice in all of these areas. Our curriculum is rich in science and math concepts that help inspire children’s natural curiosity!

Project-based learning

We take our child-led approach one step further in kindergarten. Working as a team, kids think creatively and critically to solve problems. This approach helps them develop collaboration and communication skills they’ll need in grade school.


How to enroll

We’ve gathered all the resources you need to help you make a confident decision to join the KinderCare family.

  • Know what to look for in a child care center and tour ours!
  • Learn about our classrooms, curriculum, and tuition.
  • Find a KinderCare nearby and contact the center director.